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Stephanie Kate Bridal Couture offers an exclusive, bespoke service to each unique Bride. Stephanie works closely with each bride; from the moment you arrive... to the moment you take home your exquisite, elegant, handcrafted gown. Stephanie Kate takes great pride in capturing your style and individuality with each bespoke design. A Wedding gown like no other.

How Does your Dream Dress come to life?

Each bride is invited to the private Stephanie Kate Bridal studio for a consultation with the designer.  This is by appointment only so you have Stephanie's undivided attention and discuss everything bridal, from your don't likes to your must have design details. Its normal to be nervous, this is your wedding day and having a gown bespoke to you is not something you do everyday, it is beyond special. 

There are numerous different Wedding Dress samples in the bridal studio to touch, try and take inspiration from, including veils.

During your consultation Stephanie will sketch out, in front of you an initial illustration of your wedding dress based on your in depth wedding chat, so this dress captures you as an individual and your favourite design details. This design can change from that very moment, even into the fitting stages. Your dress is bespoke - the dress will change and evolve as you do over the time we have together.

Many people believe a bespoke dress must cost the earth but actually it can be as affordable as an off the peg gown which then needs pricey alterations. Each Price is based on the design and the materials we choose. Stephanie will always advise on this too- for example, you can look at two laces which create two different prices for your bespoke gown, then you decide which you want to choose. 

Once your happy with the materials, price and initial design then we can begin. The deposit is 50% of your bespoke quote and once this is sent, all your beautiful wedding materials can be ordered.  

Stephanie likes to have 4-6 months to create your one of a kind gown, however the longer you have the better and your design can change as much or as little as you want it too. 

Stephanie will start by taking your measurements, don't worry its not scary. You will then come back for your toile fitting, this is a mock version to get the perfect fit, and during this appointment you will unpack your stunning materials with Steph, its better than Christmas. 

Now the real magic begins and Stephanie single handedly cuts, creates and works on your gown at every moment. There are no staff or sales assistants, you see Steph each and every time, every step of the way, developing and evolving your gown together.

During your time with Stephanie you will have multiple dress fittings- as many as you require and with anyone you would like to bring. Stephanie always has the kettle full and ready for your loved ones. 

Your wedding day is looming; you can decide with Stephanie when you want your dress to be finished and when you want to collect your beautiful gown. The final pin markers for the fastenings are done at the very end, so no matter your shape and size, your dress will fit like a glove.

Stephanie can do anything, even refit your dress to cater that surprise baby bump, no matter what happens along the road Steph will be with you every step of the way.

Finally when your ready to say 'I DO' Stephanie can come and dress you that final time on the morning of your wedding, keep you calm and give you the biggest cuddle. 

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